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Celebrity Sharing

I’m having a hectic schedule and lack of sleep recently, it causes some skin conditions. With the help of VEGAS 360 “System Dermatologique Treatment”, my skin is smoother, softer and revitalized. It’s definitely one of the treatments I would recommend.

Jessica C.

International model

I’m excited to get rid of the unwanted hair with laser hair removal treatment. It has been one of my concerns and I had bad experiences of skin redness and hair pores becoming visible after the laser hair removal in other beauty centers. Now I have a total new experience in VEGAS 360 and get smoother skin on leg. The outstanding and professional service provided by the therapists impressed me! I love the privacy and spacious of the center.

Eunis Chan

International Model

I’m concerned not being photogenic with my round face. Luckily, VEGAS face contouring treatment is my remedy and their professional practice regain my confidence and beauty.

Tracy Ip

Champion of Miss Hong Kong

I’m quite unsatisfied with my body figure due to the slow metabolism at my age. I rejected several opportunities of singing performances. I’m happy to know Karen, the CEO of VEGAS, she encouraged and recommended different tailored-made body slimming treatments. I have regained my confidence thanks to Karen and the professional therapists.

Kit Man Mak


I met Karen from VEGAS 360, a professional beauty center, as a concert’s sponsor. I don’t really build a skin care routine due to my packed schedule. Men seldom pay attention to skin care regime in general. However, I’ve totally changed my mind after experiencing VEGAS 360’s treatments. My skin is more radiant and look younger.

Lawrence Ng Wai Kwok


It’s a relaxing and enjoyable spa & beauty experience in VEGAS.
The therapists are really nice and helpful. There are different cleansing, whitening, moisturizing and tightening facial treatments. I love my glowing skin thanks to the treatments in VEGAS.

Sofie Rahman

To maintain a good body figure is always my goal! My skin is getting loose with no curves though I did regular exercises after giving birth. I never believe in body slimming machines/treatments until I met VEGAS. My friend highly recommended G5 & M6 body slimming machines in VEGAS. It helps with the skin tightening, pregnancy line restoring and body shaping.

Jacqueline Pang

Artist and model need to look better in photos. To outstand your facial features, the best option is go for a face contouring treatment. VEGAS is one of my favorite beauty centers and I love the facial contouring treatment. It helps to detox and improve swollen with lymphatic drainage and aroma massage. I’m really satisfied with the result!


Rose Chan

Only a few beauty centers with sauna facility, VEGAS is definitely my first priority with excellent spa service and sauna. I’m relaxed and relived after body massage. My skin looks radiant and soft.


Mi Gong

Doing the lymphatic drainage and thin face treatment can reduce edema, promote lymphatic flow and enhance contour effectively. The fruit acid whitening back treatment makes my back become white and smooth, clear away the old cuticle, and fade acne scars. I have the confidence to wear shorts and vest now!


Vincy Chan