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Quadrupole RF Slimming Treatment

30 minutes

• Reduce cellulite • Comfortable to use • Noiseless cavitation
• Sculpt a curvy body • Reduce stretch marks

Quadrupole radiofrequency slimming is a high technology slimming treatment, which uses an ultrasound cavitation effect to instantly break up fat cells. It works by causing thousands of microscopic air bubbles to surround the lipocytes or fat cells and use pressure to break them down. The fat cells are moved into the liver and safely metabolised by the body.

Palace Health Treatment

60 minutes

• Nourish vital organs • Anti-aging appearance
• Muscle/joints pressure and tension relief
• Help with sleep cycle • Improve blood/lymph circulation
• Relax central nervous system • Relieve spinal pressure

Two – thousand years ago during the ancient Han Dynasty, royals were tackling their health and beauty concerns using the Palace health treatment! In 1973 Chang Sha, archeologists unearthed Jane books describing ancient medical and health procedures, scientists then spent a decade to transform the findings into modern day treatment methods. 

Aroma Detox Belly Candle Care

30 minutes

• Improve digestive and colon health • Healthier skin
• Reduce water retention • Abdominal cramps/pain relief

This divine treatment begins with a deep abdominal massage helping to enforce efficient organ functioning, for vital cleansing and digestive organs such as the stomach, diaphragm, intestine, liver, colon and gall bladder. The massage strengthens abdominal muscles and gives back pain relief. A candle is then lit and placed in the belly to create a vacuum and gentle heat that expels toxins, and improves the circulatory system. An ancient old aromatherapy method that still relieves and revives in the modern day.

Thermal Stone Massage

30 minutes

• Deep pressure relief • Diminishes body aches
• Reduces mental strains

The healing powers of touch combines with the earth’s natural energy to soak your body in thermal stress vanishing pleasure. Feel the tension in your muscles pour out as the smooth hot stones reach your deepest pressure points. Perfect for rejuvenating a tired aching body, or soothing a busy mind.

Aromatic Body Treatment

45 minutes

• Stress and body tension release • Mind and body rejuvenation

Tension, stress and anxiety melt away during an uplifting aromatic massage. Devised to combine skilled techniques with specialized treatment oils, eliminating muscle aches, pains and stress knots. The impact is significant and leaves the body feeling light and nimble, paired with a mind that’s calm and content.

Thermal Stone Massage

30 minutes

• Re-energizes • Detoxifies and tones the body

Meridian or Acupressure massage treatment is based on the manual stimulation of the body’s Meridian system. This works on the same principles as acupuncture using the meridian network of 14 main channels linked to the body’s main organs. Each meridian has reservoirs where energy can get trapped. Meridian treatment enables the trapped energy and stress to be released from pressure points, resulting in intensely satisfying relief. Essential oils combined with expert hands, experience it the VEGAS 360 way.